Monday, June 27, 2011

Oi Família,
I´m in my first area, Santiago, and it is cold. I´m sending some pics, but I´m not sure how well its going to work. The pics are some from both mtc´s so if you get them enjoy. So my companion´s name is Elder De OLiveira Silva. He´s from Jãon Pessoa and he´s very little english, but the mission president told him not to speak any which is good. It feels like another world here. I can hardly understand anyone and I can barely respond. It feels like I´m in another dimension. Oh and yes there is a can where tou put the used toilet paper. The food is about the same but its good. oh and the assistant to the president here is the elder who´s blog I looked at. Weird huh? So yea its really cold and the streets are cobblestone. It´s like a mixture of south america and old europe. I´m going to have to hand dry my clothes too. I have no idea how,though, because its so cold. It feels like and sort of looks like autumn back home, except the trees are green and for the occasional palm tree. My companion and I live alone, just the two of us which is extremely weird since I´v never lived with less than three people in my life. I also dont think I´ll gain any weight here even though the members keep making me eat every time I have lunch, because most days we only eat once at the member´s house. Anyway so right now I´m pretty frustrated with the language, but I´ll get it. I got to go now. I love you all. have a great week. Tchau.
Elder Jolstead the younger

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