Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 24, 2011


That´s so funny! I could actually picture that in my mind. I´m really sorry it happened though...haha. The Laguage is coming, not as fast as I want, but its coming. The food is getting boring. Beans and rice w/ every meal, but at least I´m eating. I´m glad you were able to see the picture of me and Elder Broadhead. I´ve actually got a lot of cool pics but I can´t send them until I´m in the field. So the play is starting. That´s cool. It seems like they´ve been practising forever, but I guess I´ve only been gone a month. It seems like so much longer. So Augie came over? How was that? He´s a way goofy guy. Tell Shantewa Happy B-day for me, because there´s no way a can send her a card on time. So anyway I´ll tell more about my week in my letter. I love you. Thcau Elder Jolstead

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