Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 13 2013

Hey my Family! I´m going to be transfered this week! And I´ll be a trainer! I loved training so that´ll be awesome to do that again. I´m pretty sure that I´ll be called to a city called Santo Ângelo, because President told me that it was there that he was thinking of sending me. I´m going to have to open an area and train and be District leader all at the same time, but I´m way excited. This will an awesome experience for me to grow. Its sad to leave here because I´ve been here so long, but I think its good to move on. So anyway we also have a baptism for tomorrow. So anyway how´s everyone doing? That´s good that Kelleene is doing better, though, but also bad about Derek. It hurts to land on your tailbone. I did that once when I flew off a sled going down a hill near Robbie´s house. Speaking of Robbie, I heard he came back already. That´s pretty crazy. That went by fast. Well that´s just how time goes. Too fast for you to keep up with some times. I guess that´s why its a good feeling to think that eternity is forever. Things may not last too long here, but things have no end after this life. That´s always a comforting thought. So anyway that´s about it. Give a high five or a ´´good job`` or something for Jaren, because I´m really excited for him. Oh and you could say ´´hi`` to Robbie for me too. hahaha Love you guys Elder Jolstead the Older

December 29, 2012

Oí Família! How´s everyone doing? The play looked like it was good...a little strange (Jared looks like he came straight out of a Tim-Burton-with-Johnny-Depp-as-the-lead-role movie! hahaha) but good all the same! What is Nathan though? Is he a tootsie roll? You guys really went out this year with the costumes and props. That is crazy that Elder Bise/ Robbie is going home! My first companion as assistant is also going home now. He had six months when I worked with him. So is Kelleene really doing better? She looks really skinny in that picture with everyone together. So anyway my week was alright. We had a leadership training this week for the Zone Leaders. The day before we also had a family night at the President´s house. That´s always cool to go to President´s house. Especially when pizza is involved. Oh and I don´t think I told you already or not about the pizza here. Do you remember when we looked up stuff about my mission before I came? Remember how it said that they have the best pizza in the world or something? Whoever said that lied. haha The pizza is alright but its nothing special. I think it was a gaúcho who said that on the internet. They usually brag about everything they have. haha So anyway, the work is going a ton better. This next week we´re going to baptize a woman and one kid. The kid, Rafael, is a member´s brother and the woman, Fabula, is a friend of that one couple that we baptized in September. Oh and I also will be able to go to Uruguaiana on Friday to baptize the father of a family that we baptized there a year ago. He wasn´t ready then but now he is and he asked if I could go there and baptize him. It will be an awesome experience to see that family again and be able to complete the family in the church. In a year they´ll be able to get sealed in the temple! Its those kinds of things that really make me feel that I really made a difference in these 2 years. Well anyway that´s about it. I found out now that we´re going to eat at the President´s house for lunch today. That´s always nice. Sister Ribeiro cooks really well. :) Anyway I got to go. Have a great week. Love you guys. Elder Jolstead the Younger

December 22, 2012

Olã Minha Família, That´s sad that not many people came. It was probably because they went to the one last year and saw that I wasn´t in it and knew that I wouldn´t be in this one either. hahaha and they saw that Jared came back to be in it haha Just kidding. So its final. President said that he talked to Salt Lake and unfortunately I can´t stay one more. I think its because with the new age limit there are a ton of new missionaries coming. Oh well I´ll have to settle with the time I was called to serve ´´for I ought to be content with the things which the Lord hath allotted unto me... why should I desire more than to perform the work to which I have been called?`` So this week was pretty good. Me and my companion are having a lot more success. We marked 2 baptismal dates for this next week and the week after. The new scripture of motivation for me this last transfer has been Mormon 9. Our Heavenly Father really is a God of miracles and will always be a God of Miracles to those who have faith suffient and work hard enough to make the miracles happen.The Lord really has been helping us this last week. We´re on the look out for a whole family though. I´m thinking that president is thinking about letting me die as the assistant. haha It wouldn´t be that bad and I guess it would be alright.... I´d get to take myself to the veil. haha Anyway that´s about it. Have a great week! Love you guys! Elder Jolstead the Older