Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28, 2012

Oí minha família amada! So how´s everyone doing? Back in school now? Can you believe its almost October? I think we´ll buy a pumpkin and carve it for Halloween. haha The only problem is that the pumkins here are small and green. :) It´ll have to do I guess. I´m also excited for General Conference. Its like two days of trainings from the apostles and the Prophet. That´s good that Derek is doing better in football. That´s cool about everyone in the temple too. But wait who went? I only counted 5 people. Imiss the temple. If it´s possible I want to go there before I´m released as a misionary. I don´t know if that´ll work out but I think it would great to go before they suck the ´´missionary power`` from me. haha So this week was Zone conference week again. My companion traveled with President this time though. I got to stay in our area with another companionship that works in our same ward. It was good, but nothing really special happened this week. The Zone conference was good though. (like always) Our President talked about faith as a principle of power. It was very good. He also talked about the Book of Mormon and how we should use it in the work. So not much else happened. Right now we don´t have to many investigators, but we do have this woman who we are helping to get married. She´s the daughter of one of our recent converts (Joelma who was baptized in August) Little by little we hope to baptize her whole family, because there´s still 3 others who haven´t been baptized yet. In think one is coming around, but still don´t understand what´s stopping her because she always participates in our lessons. She just doesn´t come to church. Oh well everyone has their time. You can´t force conversion; it doesn´t work that way. So yeah that´s about it. Have an awesome week. Love you guys Elder Jolstead
Oí Família! I can´t believe that Joshua will be going in teh next 3 weeks. That went by really fast. I hope he´s ready. So I got your letter and well yes I did get a little dizzy reading it. haha That´s very sad about the Cornelius family. I´m going to miss Bro. Cornelius. Say good bye to them for me ok? So you can probably tell by the fotos that the couple was baptized! Jeferson and Elenita were baptized last Friday and she had her baby tuesday. It may seem weird to you that we prayed and fasted so that the baby wouldn´t be born until after the baptism but the Lord answered our prayer. So this last week it was that same running around that happens every transfer. We went to Porto Alegre again to drop off the dead and pick up the new missionaries. Something unique about this time is that I took my ´´Father`` to the airport. My trainer finally died. (He´s been dieing for a long time now haha) There were a ton of new missionaries, it reminded me of when I came here. My group had about 22 missionaries that arrived. So this transfer will be my last with my companion, Elder A. Santos :( . President already told him he´d be transfered after this one. It´ll be sad, but that´s the way of the mission. No one stays with you forever. Oh and we ate at Subway again today. Oh so I don´t know when you guys will send another package, (probably Christmas right?) But could you send me more eye solution, because the solution I have will expire in November. I didn´t know that eye solution expired but I guess it does. :) Oh and also some scar medicine. I don´t know why but about 2 months ago 2 zits appeared on my nose and for some reason they left scars. ( I didn´t do anything to them too, just washed my face with soap) So anyway it would be great if you could send me some medicine to get rid of scars because they left some pretty long scars on my face. So anyway have a great week everyone! Love you guys. Elder Jolstead

Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

How´s school going? You ate beets? You know the first time in my life that I ate beets was here in the mission. They´re alright but I have to say that I was a little scared the day after when I used the bathroom. :) If you didn´t understand what I meant, that´s ok. haha Tell Derek not to worry about being on JV. He just needs to work harder and practice more and he will be moved up. So I don´t think I´ve gotten fat, but I think I´ve gotten bigger. When I left I weighed 175lbs. Now I weigh about 190lbs. 15lbs is quite a bit. I think Joshua shouldn´t worry about staying skinny on the mission. :) So the baby hasn´t been born yet! And they´ll be baptized tonight! I´m still praying very hard, but it seems until now that the Lord has answered our prayer and our fast! hahaha So this week has been ok. I got a little sick tuesday, but I´m good now. Today we did a deep cleaning of our apartment. With 4 missionaries it gets pretty messy (especially when the other companionship doesn´t wash there dishes>:( ) So about 3 weeks ago a sister from the ward gave us the leftovers from the lunch we had there and for these passed weeks its been sitting in the refrigerator...well today I was the lucky one (or really the only one willing) to clean the fridge. Its not that we let things rot in the fridge. My companion and I have very little time to do anything p-days so until now we haven´t been able to clean a lot, the other companionship has had time to clean... Anyway so we cleaned our apartment and now its a lot cleaner (and it smells better too) So another transfer will start next monday. The same routine again. I like it though. You learn a lot at the Zone Conferences and all the trainings that we need to do every transfer. The work is going well though. The hard thing about this area is that its extremely hard to find new investigators, but this is also a blessing, because those who we find are the Lord´s elect: those who are prepared by the Lord and who understand our message and are willing to follow the gospel. We do have to walk a lot though, because it takes awhile to find these people:)Well anyway that´s it for this week. Love you guys!
Elder Jolstead

Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7, 2012

How´s everyone doing now that there back in school? That´s cool about Joshua practicing with the missionaries. That´ll help him a lot. He has only 5 weeks! Time seems to be flying by! That is awesome about the foreign exchange student. I can imagine how excited Jared is to speak portuguese with her. Ask her what part she´s from because my companion is from São Paulo, in the capital in Interlagos. Maybe she´s from there, but it would be very hard if she knows him because the city of São Paulo is huge. So anyway that´s cool. So this week was alright. It´s getting pretty hot here. And because the city is surrounded by hills its like a pan here. The air is really heavy. Its terrible. :) So today we played basketball with the bishop and some members. Its been awhile and I´m out of shape so I felt like I was dieing haha. We´re going to start playing Mondays and Thursdays really early in the morning to get in shape. The first week will be rough but after that I´ll be used to it. So this next week we will have another baptism of a couple, if all goes well. She´s pregnant and she already passed the due date :( It should be anytime now. If its born normal we´re all good, but if its a C section.... well she´ll be baptized in October. Our fast last week and our daily prayers are asking the Lord to hold that baby until after the baptism! hahaha I hope I have faith enough to delay that baby from coming. haha Anyway so that´s about it for me. Have a great week. I love you guys
Elder Jolstead