Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7, 2012

How´s everyone doing now that there back in school? That´s cool about Joshua practicing with the missionaries. That´ll help him a lot. He has only 5 weeks! Time seems to be flying by! That is awesome about the foreign exchange student. I can imagine how excited Jared is to speak portuguese with her. Ask her what part she´s from because my companion is from São Paulo, in the capital in Interlagos. Maybe she´s from there, but it would be very hard if she knows him because the city of São Paulo is huge. So anyway that´s cool. So this week was alright. It´s getting pretty hot here. And because the city is surrounded by hills its like a pan here. The air is really heavy. Its terrible. :) So today we played basketball with the bishop and some members. Its been awhile and I´m out of shape so I felt like I was dieing haha. We´re going to start playing Mondays and Thursdays really early in the morning to get in shape. The first week will be rough but after that I´ll be used to it. So this next week we will have another baptism of a couple, if all goes well. She´s pregnant and she already passed the due date :( It should be anytime now. If its born normal we´re all good, but if its a C section.... well she´ll be baptized in October. Our fast last week and our daily prayers are asking the Lord to hold that baby until after the baptism! hahaha I hope I have faith enough to delay that baby from coming. haha Anyway so that´s about it for me. Have a great week. I love you guys
Elder Jolstead

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