Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

How´s school going? You ate beets? You know the first time in my life that I ate beets was here in the mission. They´re alright but I have to say that I was a little scared the day after when I used the bathroom. :) If you didn´t understand what I meant, that´s ok. haha Tell Derek not to worry about being on JV. He just needs to work harder and practice more and he will be moved up. So I don´t think I´ve gotten fat, but I think I´ve gotten bigger. When I left I weighed 175lbs. Now I weigh about 190lbs. 15lbs is quite a bit. I think Joshua shouldn´t worry about staying skinny on the mission. :) So the baby hasn´t been born yet! And they´ll be baptized tonight! I´m still praying very hard, but it seems until now that the Lord has answered our prayer and our fast! hahaha So this week has been ok. I got a little sick tuesday, but I´m good now. Today we did a deep cleaning of our apartment. With 4 missionaries it gets pretty messy (especially when the other companionship doesn´t wash there dishes>:( ) So about 3 weeks ago a sister from the ward gave us the leftovers from the lunch we had there and for these passed weeks its been sitting in the refrigerator...well today I was the lucky one (or really the only one willing) to clean the fridge. Its not that we let things rot in the fridge. My companion and I have very little time to do anything p-days so until now we haven´t been able to clean a lot, the other companionship has had time to clean... Anyway so we cleaned our apartment and now its a lot cleaner (and it smells better too) So another transfer will start next monday. The same routine again. I like it though. You learn a lot at the Zone Conferences and all the trainings that we need to do every transfer. The work is going well though. The hard thing about this area is that its extremely hard to find new investigators, but this is also a blessing, because those who we find are the Lord´s elect: those who are prepared by the Lord and who understand our message and are willing to follow the gospel. We do have to walk a lot though, because it takes awhile to find these people:)Well anyway that´s it for this week. Love you guys!
Elder Jolstead

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