Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28, 2012

Oí minha família amada! So how´s everyone doing? Back in school now? Can you believe its almost October? I think we´ll buy a pumpkin and carve it for Halloween. haha The only problem is that the pumkins here are small and green. :) It´ll have to do I guess. I´m also excited for General Conference. Its like two days of trainings from the apostles and the Prophet. That´s good that Derek is doing better in football. That´s cool about everyone in the temple too. But wait who went? I only counted 5 people. Imiss the temple. If it´s possible I want to go there before I´m released as a misionary. I don´t know if that´ll work out but I think it would great to go before they suck the ´´missionary power`` from me. haha So this week was Zone conference week again. My companion traveled with President this time though. I got to stay in our area with another companionship that works in our same ward. It was good, but nothing really special happened this week. The Zone conference was good though. (like always) Our President talked about faith as a principle of power. It was very good. He also talked about the Book of Mormon and how we should use it in the work. So not much else happened. Right now we don´t have to many investigators, but we do have this woman who we are helping to get married. She´s the daughter of one of our recent converts (Joelma who was baptized in August) Little by little we hope to baptize her whole family, because there´s still 3 others who haven´t been baptized yet. In think one is coming around, but still don´t understand what´s stopping her because she always participates in our lessons. She just doesn´t come to church. Oh well everyone has their time. You can´t force conversion; it doesn´t work that way. So yeah that´s about it. Have an awesome week. Love you guys Elder Jolstead

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