Friday, September 28, 2012

Oí Família! I can´t believe that Joshua will be going in teh next 3 weeks. That went by really fast. I hope he´s ready. So I got your letter and well yes I did get a little dizzy reading it. haha That´s very sad about the Cornelius family. I´m going to miss Bro. Cornelius. Say good bye to them for me ok? So you can probably tell by the fotos that the couple was baptized! Jeferson and Elenita were baptized last Friday and she had her baby tuesday. It may seem weird to you that we prayed and fasted so that the baby wouldn´t be born until after the baptism but the Lord answered our prayer. So this last week it was that same running around that happens every transfer. We went to Porto Alegre again to drop off the dead and pick up the new missionaries. Something unique about this time is that I took my ´´Father`` to the airport. My trainer finally died. (He´s been dieing for a long time now haha) There were a ton of new missionaries, it reminded me of when I came here. My group had about 22 missionaries that arrived. So this transfer will be my last with my companion, Elder A. Santos :( . President already told him he´d be transfered after this one. It´ll be sad, but that´s the way of the mission. No one stays with you forever. Oh and we ate at Subway again today. Oh so I don´t know when you guys will send another package, (probably Christmas right?) But could you send me more eye solution, because the solution I have will expire in November. I didn´t know that eye solution expired but I guess it does. :) Oh and also some scar medicine. I don´t know why but about 2 months ago 2 zits appeared on my nose and for some reason they left scars. ( I didn´t do anything to them too, just washed my face with soap) So anyway it would be great if you could send me some medicine to get rid of scars because they left some pretty long scars on my face. So anyway have a great week everyone! Love you guys. Elder Jolstead

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