Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

My week was good. We had Zone conference and President Ribeiro gave so really great training. I definitly know for sure that he is inspired of the Lord. So anyway, Zone conference was awesome and it always fires me up ready to work. Oh and my area has a couple missionaries working here now. They´re actually working in three different areas here, but they should really help the work here. The members really love the couple missionaries. So yeah the work is going really well here even though it has become extremely hot. We have some really great investigators. No I didn´t have Burkart I had Legrant because I was in weights. So what is Braeden playing? Football too? The foods didn´t all taste like chicken.haha the snake tasted like fish and the frog eggs tasted like jello and the cow tongue tasted like sausage. Oh and I don´t need anything else except maybe maple, peanut butter, and some recipes. Another Brazilian asked for basketball shorts and I told him I´d ask but I don´t want you to buy them. I´ll be honest one of the things extremely annoying about brazilians is they want everything you have and you have. I hate it. They think every american is rich. Anyway, that´s cool about conference and that´s way crazy that Mikey´s wedding is next week. Time is going way too fast. Oh so our mission is doing something really cool. All our baptisms are going to be scheduled on October 15 and every companionship will try to have at least one baptism, so that on the 15th there will be a huge baptism everywhere in the mission. Oh so you don´t have to send me anything now I don´t need that stuff now and it´d be better to wait until I´m transfered anyway because it´ll be hard to carry more things to my next area. Anyway I have to go. Have a great week and a great time at conference. Oh so It´s hard to write everyone every week so don´t be offended if you don´t get an email. Love you guys!
Elder Jolstead the Younger

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

So this week was awesome! We have another baptism scheduled for a man named Alexandro. Its funny because that is really close to the name of the man who I baptized almost two months ago. So mmy companion is awesome. He likes to get things done and doesn´t waste time which is awesome. He´s always looking for those who are ready for baptism but said he won´t let some pne get baptized unless he´s sure thay have a testimony which again is awesome. We´ve taught a ton more lessons than I did with my trainer and everyone has been powerful. It´s honestly a great experience to be working with him. Oh his name is Elder L. Silva. So I also have more food to add to the weird list. I´ve eaten Snake, cow tongue, armadillo, and frog eggs in jello. The funny thing is that it´s all been pretty good. Oh so today I listened to the whole Garden by michael McLean. I don´t think I´ve ever listened to the whole thing before. I have to say I really like it. I just sat and listened to the words and I was amazed at how powerful it is, especially the one about the atonement. I think it´s called Thy will be done or something. So ypu shucked corn this week? I remember doing that with Jackson. That was fun.haha Oh Mikey got a painting job? With Bro. Novakovich again? I was wondering how he was doing with work. So You´re going to Sunday morning session? I´ll look for you in the crowd. Anyway I´m thinking this next transfer will be a lot better than the last. Have a great week guys! Love you.
Elder Jolstead the Younger

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

Oí Familia!
Thanks for the pics. Looks like you guys are having a great time. So I´m actually going to stay here for another transfer, but I´m really excited about some of the people here. I think this next transfer will be a ton better than the last. So I´m getting a new companion too. This last two weeks we´ve been reteaching the first baptism everhere in Santiago. He´s in active and his family aren´t members. He´s been inactive for I think 10 years or something like that. But he came to church yesterday and he seems excited to be coming back. The Broadcast sounded cool. I honestly can´t wait for General Conference. Oh so I don´t have a lot of time today so I don´t know if I´ll be able to respond to every one today. Sorry. Shane sounds like he´s having a fun time there in Cuiaba.haha He´s been out for about 7 or 8 months now right? It´s crazy how fast time flies. That´s cool about the heroscape set. Sounds like you guys are having fun. Jake came home? Wow that´s pretty crazy. Unfortunately I don´t have access to the blogs of all of my friends and for some reason I have yet to receive a letter too. Oh well. So I´ll probably train next transfer, which means I´ll see Jaren, because he arrives next transfer, I think. So that should be cool. Anyway have a great week and stay happy! I love you guys!
Elder Jolstead the Younger

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 6, 2011

Here is a letter received by Elder Jolstead dated August 22,2011:

Oi Familia!
So this week was a lot better than last week, but we still need to do better. My companion has a problem with speaking to members for a long tome, but we're going to fix that this week. So I found out that I'll probably be training next transfer. I know its crazy. 2 months in the field and I'm alredy going to train, our Father in Heaven doesn't always call us when we think we're ready and usually He calls us to positions that stretch and grow. I know it'll be difficult, but once again, like always, I'll just need to trust in the Lord for help. So this week I gave my first talk in Portuguese. It went well. It was on missionary work and while I was preparing I came to the conclusion that there is only two reasons why we would ever not want to share the gospel or be afraid to. 1. We don't completely understand the message of the restored gospel; 2. We don't believe it's true. There's no real reason not to share. The message we have is one of and happiness and peace that can help everyone and for us to be afraid and not want to share it we either don't understand this or we don't believe it. Anyway, I would like to share an experience that happened this last week that was very humbling and really boosted my testimony of missionary work. Last Tuesday, I think, the night before when we were planning, Elder De Oliveira Silva said after teaching Alex Sandro, our recent convert, we should contact his neighbors, because he thought that they were a great family living there. So the next day we did and a woman in her late twenties came out and let us in. After talking a while in her house we found out that her father(who she lived with) was very sick and she was as well. We found out she had depression and I think something else. She cried alot. Then after she said something that was very humbling to me. She said that she had seen us many times when we went to teach Alex and she told her mother that we had a message for her and that we knew the things that would help her. When I heard her say that I was extremely humbled. The Lord had really prepared her to hear our message and the fact that we were the ones to give her the message that would help her was incredible. The spirit was extremely strong there and we taught a great lesson to her and also gave her a blessing. Unfortunately two days later after teaching a second lesson she left in a message on our phone that she didn't want us to come back. I honestly don't know why, probably because of her mother who had a other religion and didn't like us very much, but I was really sad after that. That just goes to show you that even after feeling the spirit some people won't accept the gospel. Anyway thats my story. How are all of you? How was the family reunion? Have a good week! Love you lots! Tchau!
Elder Jolstead the younger

Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

Oí Familia,
My week was ok. We´re working hard, but sometimes I think we can work harder. Yesterday we taught a training for the adults of the branch. It went well I think. It was on Faith and we taught to help the members have a little more faith in the work. Hopefully it helped them. We´ll see in the coming week. So this is probably my last week in Santiago. It´s crazy how fast time flies. I keep telling people that but it´s true. If you don´t use your time wisely and enjoy the moment it´ll slip right on by. So the work continues and I´m doing better all in all with everything: language and teaching. That´s funny about Jaren. I felt about the same, but once he´s out here he´ll learn it. Trial by fire. Learn or die.haha Thanks for the addresses by the way. Oh did Steve leave? I didn´t here about that. You Had the corn feed this week? You know it was last year at the corn feed that I got the job with Bro. Novakovich. So school starts again! Joy! Rapture! How´s everyone dealing with it? Working hard I hope? Anyway, that´s about it with me. Have a great week and stay happy! Love you all! Tchau!
Elder Jolstead the Younger