Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012

Hey Family!
I´m doing good. Don´t worry mother. Its probably been about 5 months since I´ve sent a letter home. Its not that I´ve been lazy its just that these last transfers have been going by super fast and its seems like I don´t have time to do anything during my p-days. I´ll try to send a letter though. The scout camp sounded like fun. I always loved going to scout camp. I did hear about Shantewa. I think its funny that every one after me gets these special privileges, when I worked liked a dog trying to find a job to try and earn money to drive. haha I really didn´t work like a dog, but I did work hard. haha It really doesn´t matter though. The picture of Daniel and Makayla is pretty dang cute by the way. haha he looks very happy. So this week I did another division. I have no money at all because of the bus tickets. haha I went back to Livramento, which was cool. I got to see my old area and all the people there. I got to see the family that me and Elder Morrison baptized. They are actually to move which is sad because that means that I´ll probably never see them again. I´ll be able to keep in contact through the Internet though. Also came in contact with a Pastor from another church. I´m usually very calm when talking to other religious leaders. I really don´t like to bible bash, but this guy was a jerk. He started tearing apart the Book of Mormon and saying crap about the church and he wouldn´t even let me talk. He kept talking over me, so I kind of blew up on him. haha Thankfully the other missionary was able to think straight and separated us and we just walked away, because if he hadn´t I would´ve burned that sucker. haha I´ve got a lot more patient on the mission, but I really have no patience with ignorant people who act like children, repeating the same thing over and over, practically yelling over you when you´re trying to explain calmly. As you can probably tell I haven´t really gotten over it. I think its just my pride that was hurt. haha I know arguing really doesn´t help anything. Just makes the situation worse, but I really hate when people don´t listen to me. haha But anyway we´re having more success in my area now, here in Santa Maria. We have about three different families that we´re teaching now. They are very good too. Anyway that´s about all this week. I hope everything is going well and that you guys are having a good vacation. Love you guys.
Elder Jolstead

Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012

Oí Family!
Wow! I thought Krystal was due in August! That´s awesome! Can I just say that, that was the fasted pregnancy I´ve ever heard of. (I´m sure it wasn´t so fast for Krystal though :) ) Wait so they´re living in North Dakota? I´m so lost. haha That´s cool though. So you got the letter from president? I wanted it to be a surprise that´s why I didn´t say anything. So yeah there´s a lot of responsiblity, but it´s an awesome calling. I get to meet all the missionaries and visit all the areas with President. And I get to know President better. It´s way cool. I also had an opportunity to go to Porto Alegre to pick up the new missionaries and drop off the ´´Dead`` ones. It has been really awesome but can also be stressful at times. So this week went by fast. I went on splits with another missionary in the his area way in another city 2 hours away. It was good. I stayed there 2 days. I found out that as a leader I need to start doing splits once a week. One week I stay in our area. The next week I go to another missionary´s area. Anyway it was good. The area was a lot different than mine. It was more like the farming areas where I stayed in the first half of my mission. I liked it though. The city is called Cruz Alta. Its funny because the names of the cities here all are related to Catholism. Cruz alta means big cross, Santa Maria means Saint Mary; Santiago=Saint James (that one is a little different), Santo Angelo=Saint Angelo,=Santana de Livramento= Saint Ana of Livramento, etc. Its funny because every city has a park with a huge old catholic Cathedral in the front. I don´t know about the rest of Brasil but the south is very catholic. haha there was even a huge mary statue in Cruz Alto. Anyway enough with the catholic stuff. I Can´t believe you´re already talking about everyone returning to school Mother, it seems they just left haha. So how´s Jaren? You know today I was talking to his trainer who works here in the mission office too, as the financial secretary. I hope he´s doing good. Anyway I think that´s about it. Have a great week everyone. Love you guys
Elder Jolstead

Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13, 2012

That is awesome about Joshua! I bet he´s really excited! The excitement will die once he has to start getting those visa papers filled out though. haha I hated that stuff. So my week has been great. We´re finding some really great people to teach. Lots of families, which is really good. Its gotten a lot colder here too. I´m loving the cold here! Its so much nicer than the heat. The only problem is taking a shower. Its hard to leave that hot water in the morning. :) So the caffinated drink thing was a joke mother. Don´t worry I won´t start drinking caffinated drinks. haha I will start drinking Chimarrão though. So this last transfer has been speeding by. With more responsibility time seems to fly. I got photos from Jackson. It looks like he´s doing good where he´s at. Maybe a little trunky, but doing good anyway. haha Anyway I hope you guys have a great week. Love you
Elder Jolstead

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7, 2012

Hey Family!
That´s funny that you´d ask about the food here Mother because today for lunch we´re going to eat at Subway! YES! Trunkeza até o pó! hahaha So yeah Santa Maria is big. Big enough to have a Subway and a McDonalds, but McD´s, I hear is super expensive and nothing like the McDonalds in the States. The Church is the strongest here in Santa Maria. Just one stake with I don´t know how many wards. So I have some news for all of you. The topic of Cafeine Drinks. So my mission president has cleared all these doubts that have existed in my mind. First, the church does not prohibit caffiene drinks. Until there are Area seventies that he´s eat with who down a whole liter, but here´s the thing back in the day the church wouldn´t allow the missionaries to drink it, but now it depends on the mission president. One other thing: the General Authorities don´t drink it, because it is bad for you. My president asked them and he said that their counsel is to not drink it. So in conclusion the church doesn´t prohibit caffeine drinks but the General authorities do counsel against it. So anyway we were right about following the counsel of the leaders of the church but we can´t say some one is not following the commandments when they drink caffeine drinks. So I´ve just come back from eating at subway. It was way exspencive but it was good. I´ll send some pics.

Yeah so I´m here in Santa Maria. Its interesting here. So I found out that I can drink Chimarrão. I know that you don´t know what that is but I´m excited to try it. Its like a green erva that the people here drink with hot water. Everyone and I mean everyone drinks it here, so i´m interested to know how it tastes. Right now we´re trying to find people to teach, because we´re both new in the area and the other missionaries didn´t give us much to work with. haha It´s pretty hard to find here, because of all the apartment buildings. We will try a new method though, that our president did when he was here back in the day that helped him baptize lots of people. He calls it the Law of Cornelius, with reference to the story in the new testament when Peter teachs that roman soldier who brings a ton of family and friends to hear peter preach. Basically it´s when we teach a lesson and stop in the middle or almost the end and say we´ll come back another day to finish but we would like for them to bring a friend, family member, or neighbor to the next visit. Then when they bring some one we teach and then we go to the house of that person and teach and do the same thing with them. Its seems like an awesome idea and the President was able to teach a lot of people this way, so we´ll try it. Anyway that´s about it for now. Enjoy the pictures! Love you guys
Elder Jolstead