Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

Message bodyOí Família,
Well there was a black out this week. I really don´t have time to talk about it but I´ll explain more about what happened in my letter this week. So school is here once again for you guys and I think the last three months went by extremely fast. East Farms sounds like it looks a ton different. That´s awesome that you´re planning on seeing General Conference. I can´t wait for conference. I´m really excited to hear it in portuguese! I´ve also come to have a greater appreciation for the words of the prophets since I´ve been out here. They´re always really inspiring for missionaries. Maybe I´ll see you guys on the TV. That would be cool. Why do you need a van? What happened to our van? Oh were you able to find the talks on the Book of Mormon by Elder Holland for me? Anyway the work is starting to be better here. We found a ton of new investigators this last week and the great thing about one couple is they actually understand the importance of the message. That´s hard to come by here. Anyway that´s it for this week. Oh sorry in advance if I don´t respond to some of your emails. Its really hard to reply to everyone´s. but if I don´t this week I will next week. Love you guys.
Elder Jolstead the Younger

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Sorry but I probably won´t be able to answer everyone this week. So the family reunion sounded like fun. It would have been cool to see everyone since I haven´t seen some of our family in years but I´m over it. This week was dificult. My companion likes to talk to members for long periods of time so it´s hard sometimes to get work done. Oh well. So I found out I might be training next transfer. pretty scary, but I know the Lord will help me. School´s starting soon! Hoorai! Oh which songs did you play at the reunion? The Talent show sounded fun. I can just see you and aunt Barbra and Aunt April doing that skit.haha So do you think you could send me the addresses for Shane and Kurtis? I haven´t heard anything about them. Wait so why did you tye dye socks? Oh you want to know how to get Kate beckinsale? Send her my picture and say that I´m home.haha Just joking. So now that summer is winding done I hope all your brains haven´t wroted away. Anyway have a good week! Love you guys!
Elder Jolstead the Younger

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Oí Família,
This week was ok. We had training at Santa Maria this week so that was cool. So the family reunion is this week? Oh Father I don´t need a hat or gloves it´s extremely hot here now. Eu Não gosto...So Jaren´s going to provo! Tell him to look for Irmão williams and Irmão... crap I forgot his name. I can´t believe it! Anyway tell him that Irmão williams looks like what you´d think Nephi would look like in our day.haha So how´s every one doing? School´s coming. hehehe. It´s crazy to think when I come back Shantewa will be graduating. Oh Braeden How was your B-day? Sorry I missed it. I was previously engaged.haha Oh sorry about the bee Mother. Sounds like it hurt. Anyawy this email has to be short, but I wrote a letter so no worries. You´ll get it in about a month. haha. Anyways Have a great week and a great family reunion. Tell everyone Hi. Love you all. Tchau.
Elder Jolstead the Younger

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

Message bodyOí Familia,
this week was good. I have to say that if I don´t watch it, I could come home fat. Despite what I said before the food here is amazing especially the desserts. You´d also be suprised of the varityof the foods. This week I had spagetti and there is always chicken or some kind of meat with the lunch. And they´re always wanting me to eat more. Like I said I´ll probably be fat after two years. I´m glad Jaren liked my letter. You better tell him to bring gloves and a hat because it is extremely cold this week. It almost snowed. But now it is extremely hot which I´m not too happy about. So this week we found another couple that´s golden, but like the other they are not married. Figures. We´re also having some trouble with some of the members, but hopefully we can help them out. Anyway that´s all from me. Oh yes supposedly there is a werewolf here. I have yet to see it, but you´d be suprised how many times I´ve heard about it. That is kind of funny that there would be a werewolf in my mission. So Bro. Lee came to see Nathan. That is weird that he´s old enough to go to seminary. Oh do you think you could find out Shane´s address and Kurtis´s too. I haven´t heard anything about them and I´m really curious how they are. Oh I got the package. You guys are saints! Top ramen and Peanut butter crunch! I almost cried!haha Thanks a ton I´ll finally have a normal breakfast. I´m was getting tired of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Anyway have a great week and enjoy your last three weeks of freedom!haha. Love you lotsTchau
Elder Jolstead the Younger

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

Oí Família,
Sorry for bugging you with the whole quad thing. I completely understand and I´m sorry I asked. My companion just keeps asking me and sometimes I´m not sure if you recieve my emails. My companion will have to understand. So anyways, Alex Sandro was baptized this week! It was awesome. He´s a pretty cool guy. and I guess its the first baptism in this branch since March. Oh and a 11 year old boy named Luiz Filipe and a women named Genecir will hopefully be baptized pretty soon here. They said they want to, they just haven´t come to church, which is an obsticle that happens a lot here. The water pump broke again? That sounds like fun. Its funny. I wasn´t home when it happened the first time and I´m not home when it happened again. So I guess for the rest of August, it will rain and be super cold which actually isn´t bad compared to what´s going to happen during summer here. I´m not excited for the summer. So this last week there was a huge thunder storm. It was awesome. The thunder sounded like gun shots. So Kelleene hopefully will be done with all of this stuff soon? That´s good. Elder Bise ate a snail? That´s hilarious. Yea the armidillo tasted like chicken and i´m not sure how often they eat it. I haven´t had any since. Yesterday me and my companion saw Gaucho´s on horses lassoing wooden cows being pulled behind motorcycles. It was pretty cool. The people here make me laugh some times. Anyway That´s about it. I love you all and I´m sorry for bugging you with the quad thing. Tchau!
Elder Jolstead the Younger