Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

Message bodyOí Familia,
this week was good. I have to say that if I don´t watch it, I could come home fat. Despite what I said before the food here is amazing especially the desserts. You´d also be suprised of the varityof the foods. This week I had spagetti and there is always chicken or some kind of meat with the lunch. And they´re always wanting me to eat more. Like I said I´ll probably be fat after two years. I´m glad Jaren liked my letter. You better tell him to bring gloves and a hat because it is extremely cold this week. It almost snowed. But now it is extremely hot which I´m not too happy about. So this week we found another couple that´s golden, but like the other they are not married. Figures. We´re also having some trouble with some of the members, but hopefully we can help them out. Anyway that´s all from me. Oh yes supposedly there is a werewolf here. I have yet to see it, but you´d be suprised how many times I´ve heard about it. That is kind of funny that there would be a werewolf in my mission. So Bro. Lee came to see Nathan. That is weird that he´s old enough to go to seminary. Oh do you think you could find out Shane´s address and Kurtis´s too. I haven´t heard anything about them and I´m really curious how they are. Oh I got the package. You guys are saints! Top ramen and Peanut butter crunch! I almost cried!haha Thanks a ton I´ll finally have a normal breakfast. I´m was getting tired of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Anyway have a great week and enjoy your last three weeks of freedom!haha. Love you lotsTchau
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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