Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

Oí Família,
Sorry for bugging you with the whole quad thing. I completely understand and I´m sorry I asked. My companion just keeps asking me and sometimes I´m not sure if you recieve my emails. My companion will have to understand. So anyways, Alex Sandro was baptized this week! It was awesome. He´s a pretty cool guy. and I guess its the first baptism in this branch since March. Oh and a 11 year old boy named Luiz Filipe and a women named Genecir will hopefully be baptized pretty soon here. They said they want to, they just haven´t come to church, which is an obsticle that happens a lot here. The water pump broke again? That sounds like fun. Its funny. I wasn´t home when it happened the first time and I´m not home when it happened again. So I guess for the rest of August, it will rain and be super cold which actually isn´t bad compared to what´s going to happen during summer here. I´m not excited for the summer. So this last week there was a huge thunder storm. It was awesome. The thunder sounded like gun shots. So Kelleene hopefully will be done with all of this stuff soon? That´s good. Elder Bise ate a snail? That´s hilarious. Yea the armidillo tasted like chicken and i´m not sure how often they eat it. I haven´t had any since. Yesterday me and my companion saw Gaucho´s on horses lassoing wooden cows being pulled behind motorcycles. It was pretty cool. The people here make me laugh some times. Anyway That´s about it. I love you all and I´m sorry for bugging you with the quad thing. Tchau!
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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