Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Oí Família,
My week has been awesome and I have a feeling this week will be even better. I´ve excepted the fact that I´m not a perfect teacher or missionary and that I am not very good with the language, but i know if I do my best and rely on the Lord He can make up for all that I´m lacking. Because I´ve excepted this knowledge a huge burden has been taken off my shoulders and I´ve had a lot more patience with myself. I´ve been a lot happier too. So this week we have a baptism scheduled. A man named Alexsandro. He´s really cool. He´s really excited to learn more about the gospel and to be baptized. He hasn´t had a problem with anything. He said he smoked before but he´s giving it up which is awesome. So this week should be great. So I´m not sure if you recieve my emails because sometimes it seems like you don´t respond back about things. My companion really wants a quad and asked me to ask again. Also he wants to write Kelleene to practice his english, so she will probably recieve a letter from him in the near future. That´s good that you´re healthy. I had my first of probably many run-ins with the Runs. You know there´s a saying here, ´´It´s not a South American Mission until you´ve crapped your pants`` Honestly I´m hoping to prove that wrong. Anyway I´m glad to here that Jackson´s enjoying the food. From past experience I know Jackson can be a stinky man. High Adventure of 2009: the cave experience. Not Fun. Yea the food is good but it gives you terrible gas. I can´t believe he´s already leaving though. Time honestly works very strangely out here. Hours feel like days, days feel like hours, and weeks go by quick. One thing that´s weird is that it´s really hard to remember home. Home feels like a dream. It´s really weird, but its good. keeps your mind on the work. Anyway, the work continues down here and the weather continues to be weird. Love you guys lot´s. Have a great week. Tchau.
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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