Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Oí my Family,
Mother I think it´s funny how you let out the part about Jared coming home at the end. haha So that´s cool. Grandma will be going to Salt lake this next Thursday give her a hug and a good bye for me. Braeden had two concussions?! What the heck Braeden! haha So this last week Elder Holland came. It was awesome! He shook my hand and he also made a comment about how red my face was. It was really hot inside that capel and I think I was getting a little sick. Anyway so he gave a really good talk about the fig tree that Jesus cursed and that like the fig tree if we say we´re a fig tree or a missionary, we need to give figs or be a missionary, or like the fig tree will be cast off by the Lord. It wasn´t one of his burning talks though. I didn´t feel burned at all. He also gave our mission and all Brasil a apostalic blessing. That was also really cool. So anyway, my time is short. Give Jared a hug for me too. It´s going to be weird being the only Elder Jolstead. It actually already feels weird. Anyway have a great week. Love you guys.
Elder Jolstead

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

Oí Família!
Thanks for the baptism pics. They got to me. Everything is going good here. I did get a little frustrated with my Zone leaders yesterday, but I´m good now. Sometimes I don´t agree with my leaders but its not my right to say anything against them. Don´t worry about the razor blades. I can get along with out them for now. So yeah... I agree that this last year went by fast. My last interview with President he called me ´´Old.`` I got a little uneasy, but I still have a lot of time. So this saturday Elder Holland is coming. I´m really excited. He´s one of the Apostles that I´ve always wanted to hear in real life. So that´s cool. So mother, is Jared coming home this next week? Krystine said that she sent him his last email. He doesn´t write me anymore. Anyway, I was just wondering. Have a great week everyone! love you guys
Elder Jolstead the Younger

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

So my first week in Itaqui was pretty good. Right now I´m getting to know the area and the people here. The whole city is my area, so it´s a good thing the city isn´t as big as Uruguaiana. Its a lot prettier than Uruguaiana though. My companion´s name is Elder Allen and as you can guess from his name, he is american. My first american companion. So anyway as for District leader, this week I didn´t really do a lot and this next week I won´t do too much because of Zone conference. I´m really excited about this Zone conference because President is going to talk about the book of Revelations, and my president knows a lot. So anyway that party looked fun. I miss american cake sometimes. :) So where are Mikey and Rebecca living again? It´s good that you´re getting involved in missionary work, Mother. It´s really not as hard as you think. I think members just over complicate it sometimes. Not that you´re overcomplicating it mother.haha How are the papers coming with Joshua? 6 months now until his birthday. Anyway tell everyone I forgive them for not sending an email this week.haha Have a great week. Love you guys.
Elder Jolstead the Younger

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Oí Família,
Thank you for the pics. It was good to see everyone. Some people have changed, namely Nathan, but the rest of you look the same.haha So I´m leaving Uruguaiana...It´s really sad. I´m going to be District Leader in a small city called Itaquí. It´ll be diferent and a little hard since I´ll be a leader now. I´m a little scared but I know the Lord will help me if I do my best. So we had three baptisms this week which was great. I´ll try to send some pics. Oh say congratulations to Mikey for me. Oh yeah Happy Easter! I love you guys. Have a great week.
Elder Jolstead the Younger

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

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So I thought conference was awesome this week, but went by really fast. I agree with you mother, Elder Uchtdorf Elder Holland and Elder Nelson gave great talks. I also liked Elder Scott´s talk and Elder Bednar´s talk which I think burned a couple of priesthood holder fubecas. I also liked the talk by Elder Anderson and President Monson about the Plan of Salvation. I don´t know why, but conference seemed really really good this year. Maybe its because I missed the last one. That´s strange to think its already spring break. You guys will be going to BYU? That´s cool that Elder Ballard will speak. Did I tell you that Elder Holland will come talk to our whole mission at the end of this month? I´m really excited. This month is going to be an extrally good one. So it was pretty cold this last week here, but it warmed up again, dang it! I think its just Uruguaiana that is weird with weather. So this is the last week of transfers and we will have 4 Baptisms this Saturday. I´m pretty sure I´m leaving Uruguaiana. President pretty much made it obvious the last time I saw him. Oh well it will be sad to go, but I´m ready to leave I think. Anyway have a great week and Spring Break! Love you guys
Elder Jolstead the Younger