Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

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So I thought conference was awesome this week, but went by really fast. I agree with you mother, Elder Uchtdorf Elder Holland and Elder Nelson gave great talks. I also liked Elder Scott´s talk and Elder Bednar´s talk which I think burned a couple of priesthood holder fubecas. I also liked the talk by Elder Anderson and President Monson about the Plan of Salvation. I don´t know why, but conference seemed really really good this year. Maybe its because I missed the last one. That´s strange to think its already spring break. You guys will be going to BYU? That´s cool that Elder Ballard will speak. Did I tell you that Elder Holland will come talk to our whole mission at the end of this month? I´m really excited. This month is going to be an extrally good one. So it was pretty cold this last week here, but it warmed up again, dang it! I think its just Uruguaiana that is weird with weather. So this is the last week of transfers and we will have 4 Baptisms this Saturday. I´m pretty sure I´m leaving Uruguaiana. President pretty much made it obvious the last time I saw him. Oh well it will be sad to go, but I´m ready to leave I think. Anyway have a great week and Spring Break! Love you guys
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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