Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012

Oí família!
I´m sure that was cool to have most the family at home. Looks like like you guys had a great time at Las Vegas. It was prety hot there? Well I don´t know why but its been pretty dang ht here to. I guess nature hasn´t heard that it´s winter now :( So I´ve been transfered once again after just one transfer. I´m now in Santa Maria, the actual city, which is awesome. Its the biggest city in the mission. i think there´s like 250,000 people that live here. So we had a baptism last Saturday before I was transfered. A man named José. He´s 72 years old. It was funny teaching him because he has a terible memory. We taught him aout the word of wisdom about 50 times because he couldn´t memorize the 5 things we can´t injest. haha I even made up hand signals for him to remember. He´s been going to the church for a year now and he has a great desire to keep the commandents. (until every question we ask he says we have to keep the comandments. hahaha) He´s not sinile though he just has a terrible memory. I wouldn´t baptize a senile old man haha He is really awesome though and I enjoyed teaching him. So now I´m here in a big city. It´s a little different but its cool here. My new companion´s name is Elder A. Santos. He´s really cool and he´s from São Paulo. It´s the first time I´ve had some a companion with 1 year and six months. He´s the oldest companion I´ve had so far. He´s an awesome missionary though. So anyway that´s it for me. Have a great week. love you guys.
Elder Jolstead

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 18, 2012

Oí Fanília,
How was your week? I think you´d be a great director mother. Braeden dressed up like a smerf? that would have been funny to see. That´s cool about Joshua. I´m excited to hear where he´ll be going. May be we could have another Portuguese speaker. This week we started our english class. It went pretty good. We´ve been going to a school next to our church to invite the studenys there. It was pretty funny going back to school.:) So Saturday we taught. It was a pretty good turn out. There were about 23 people. We want more though! hahaha Sometimes people don´t think we´re really giving free lessons. When we went to one school they asked what our intentions were and totally grilled us. Why can´t they except the fact that we want to help people? Anyway it did help me see where I could work on my portuguese to get better. I guess we who speak english use a lot of our throat and brazilians speak more through their nose and speak in a really high voice. So in order to speak likea brazilian I have to speak like a stuck up little girl. haha I don´t know how well I like that idea. haha We also have a baptism this Saturday! Yay for baptisms! Well anyway that´s about it. Thanks for the recipies. Have a great week. love you guys
Elder Jolstead

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Oí Família,
Wow Joshua graduated! And Nathan and Derek look like some one stretched the picture! haha they still look the same in the face though, so its kind of funny. Jared looked happy on his b-Day. hahaha He´s still wearing that sweatshirt too that looks like a smarties package. hahaha This week was ok. Yesterday we saw the dedication of the Manuas temple. It was awesome. I miss the temple. If I will be able to I want to go to the temple before I get released as a missionary. I think that woulçd be cool. So right now we have very few people to teach but we´re trying hard to find more. Its hard when you don´t have many people to teach. We are teaching an awesome family that hopefully we can help get baptized this next month. We do have a baptism for this month. A man named José. He´s pretty cool. He is about 60 and the missionaries have been teaching him for about 2 years and he´s been going to church that long. His problem was that he really didn´t understand what the other missionaries said and so he didn´t want to get baptized. The first time wwe passed by he said that he finally understood about the comandments and why he needed to be baptized and so now he´s very excited to be baptized which is cool. O mother so I was wondering if you could send some more recipes. Bread sticks, banana bread, waffles,( my companion has a waffle maker!!!!!!) That would be awesome. Anyway have a great week everyone! Love you guys
Elder Jolstead

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012

Oí Família,
I´m doing good. This last week we had a pretty cool thing happen. This last couple of weeks we´ve been fasting and praying specifically for a family of at least 3 to teach and baptize this month. Pres. Ribeiro has been telling us to really focus on finding and teaching families so we asked the Lord specifically for a family that is married with at least one child the age of baptism. You know the funny thing is when you ask the Lord and do your part ( be obedient and work hard) he gives it to you. We found the family this last Saturday just like we wanted. Mom Dad and 2 children on with the age of Baptism. The thing about it though was it wasn´t easy. the Lord really tried our faith. These last 2 weeks have been hard, but in the end we got what we wanted. So that was cool. So Anyway we also saw Elder Gudoy speak at the Stake Conference here. He´s a 70 so that was cool. It was a great talk. Anyway that´s cool about Tiara. And I have to say I miss an american home-made bbq hamburger so I hope everyone is taking advantage of that. That´s cool that Joshua is getting ready for the mission now but not so cool about his arm. :( Oh Happy B-Day Shantewa! I hope you had a good one. 17 right?:) Anyway so that´s it for me. Oh Mother or someone, If I sent a letter to you for Jackson could you type it up and send it as an email? It´d get to him faster than mail. And sorry for the lack of letters. I ran out of envelopes and I haven´t had a chance to buy some. But I will today ok? Thanks. Love you guys
Elder Jolstead
Oh and when I fix my memory card I´ll send some pics

May 28, 2012

Oí Família!
We had a baptism this week! A really awesome family. Elder morrison and his other companion found them and we´ve been teaching them the past 2 weeks. What was awesome was the fact that they were all baptized, so in a year they´ll be able to go the temple! So anyway everything is going good. No mother I´m not learning much spanish, but something cool is that I can understand a lot of what they say. I think Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are really similiar. Oh so I have to more recipies to ask for. Banana bread and waffles. My companion has a waffle maker! YES! WAFFLES. These last couple of days I´ve been eating chocolate cake for breakfast, because of lack of real food. :) ´´Dad is great!...He gives us chocolate cake!`` ´´eggs and milk....that´s nutrition!`` haha So schools coming to a close. Everyone should be happy about that. Anyway that´s about it for today. Have a great week Love you guys
Elder Jolstead