Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 18, 2012

Oí Fanília,
How was your week? I think you´d be a great director mother. Braeden dressed up like a smerf? that would have been funny to see. That´s cool about Joshua. I´m excited to hear where he´ll be going. May be we could have another Portuguese speaker. This week we started our english class. It went pretty good. We´ve been going to a school next to our church to invite the studenys there. It was pretty funny going back to school.:) So Saturday we taught. It was a pretty good turn out. There were about 23 people. We want more though! hahaha Sometimes people don´t think we´re really giving free lessons. When we went to one school they asked what our intentions were and totally grilled us. Why can´t they except the fact that we want to help people? Anyway it did help me see where I could work on my portuguese to get better. I guess we who speak english use a lot of our throat and brazilians speak more through their nose and speak in a really high voice. So in order to speak likea brazilian I have to speak like a stuck up little girl. haha I don´t know how well I like that idea. haha We also have a baptism this Saturday! Yay for baptisms! Well anyway that´s about it. Thanks for the recipies. Have a great week. love you guys
Elder Jolstead

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