Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Oí Família,
Wow Joshua graduated! And Nathan and Derek look like some one stretched the picture! haha they still look the same in the face though, so its kind of funny. Jared looked happy on his b-Day. hahaha He´s still wearing that sweatshirt too that looks like a smarties package. hahaha This week was ok. Yesterday we saw the dedication of the Manuas temple. It was awesome. I miss the temple. If I will be able to I want to go to the temple before I get released as a missionary. I think that woulçd be cool. So right now we have very few people to teach but we´re trying hard to find more. Its hard when you don´t have many people to teach. We are teaching an awesome family that hopefully we can help get baptized this next month. We do have a baptism for this month. A man named José. He´s pretty cool. He is about 60 and the missionaries have been teaching him for about 2 years and he´s been going to church that long. His problem was that he really didn´t understand what the other missionaries said and so he didn´t want to get baptized. The first time wwe passed by he said that he finally understood about the comandments and why he needed to be baptized and so now he´s very excited to be baptized which is cool. O mother so I was wondering if you could send some more recipes. Bread sticks, banana bread, waffles,( my companion has a waffle maker!!!!!!) That would be awesome. Anyway have a great week everyone! Love you guys
Elder Jolstead

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