Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012

Oí família!
I´m sure that was cool to have most the family at home. Looks like like you guys had a great time at Las Vegas. It was prety hot there? Well I don´t know why but its been pretty dang ht here to. I guess nature hasn´t heard that it´s winter now :( So I´ve been transfered once again after just one transfer. I´m now in Santa Maria, the actual city, which is awesome. Its the biggest city in the mission. i think there´s like 250,000 people that live here. So we had a baptism last Saturday before I was transfered. A man named José. He´s 72 years old. It was funny teaching him because he has a terible memory. We taught him aout the word of wisdom about 50 times because he couldn´t memorize the 5 things we can´t injest. haha I even made up hand signals for him to remember. He´s been going to the church for a year now and he has a great desire to keep the commandents. (until every question we ask he says we have to keep the comandments. hahaha) He´s not sinile though he just has a terrible memory. I wouldn´t baptize a senile old man haha He is really awesome though and I enjoyed teaching him. So now I´m here in a big city. It´s a little different but its cool here. My new companion´s name is Elder A. Santos. He´s really cool and he´s from São Paulo. It´s the first time I´ve had some a companion with 1 year and six months. He´s the oldest companion I´ve had so far. He´s an awesome missionary though. So anyway that´s it for me. Have a great week. love you guys.
Elder Jolstead

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