Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012

Oí Family!
Wow! I thought Krystal was due in August! That´s awesome! Can I just say that, that was the fasted pregnancy I´ve ever heard of. (I´m sure it wasn´t so fast for Krystal though :) ) Wait so they´re living in North Dakota? I´m so lost. haha That´s cool though. So you got the letter from president? I wanted it to be a surprise that´s why I didn´t say anything. So yeah there´s a lot of responsiblity, but it´s an awesome calling. I get to meet all the missionaries and visit all the areas with President. And I get to know President better. It´s way cool. I also had an opportunity to go to Porto Alegre to pick up the new missionaries and drop off the ´´Dead`` ones. It has been really awesome but can also be stressful at times. So this week went by fast. I went on splits with another missionary in the his area way in another city 2 hours away. It was good. I stayed there 2 days. I found out that as a leader I need to start doing splits once a week. One week I stay in our area. The next week I go to another missionary´s area. Anyway it was good. The area was a lot different than mine. It was more like the farming areas where I stayed in the first half of my mission. I liked it though. The city is called Cruz Alta. Its funny because the names of the cities here all are related to Catholism. Cruz alta means big cross, Santa Maria means Saint Mary; Santiago=Saint James (that one is a little different), Santo Angelo=Saint Angelo,=Santana de Livramento= Saint Ana of Livramento, etc. Its funny because every city has a park with a huge old catholic Cathedral in the front. I don´t know about the rest of Brasil but the south is very catholic. haha there was even a huge mary statue in Cruz Alto. Anyway enough with the catholic stuff. I Can´t believe you´re already talking about everyone returning to school Mother, it seems they just left haha. So how´s Jaren? You know today I was talking to his trainer who works here in the mission office too, as the financial secretary. I hope he´s doing good. Anyway I think that´s about it. Have a great week everyone. Love you guys
Elder Jolstead

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