Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

My week was good. We had Zone conference and President Ribeiro gave so really great training. I definitly know for sure that he is inspired of the Lord. So anyway, Zone conference was awesome and it always fires me up ready to work. Oh and my area has a couple missionaries working here now. They´re actually working in three different areas here, but they should really help the work here. The members really love the couple missionaries. So yeah the work is going really well here even though it has become extremely hot. We have some really great investigators. No I didn´t have Burkart I had Legrant because I was in weights. So what is Braeden playing? Football too? The foods didn´t all taste like chicken.haha the snake tasted like fish and the frog eggs tasted like jello and the cow tongue tasted like sausage. Oh and I don´t need anything else except maybe maple, peanut butter, and some recipes. Another Brazilian asked for basketball shorts and I told him I´d ask but I don´t want you to buy them. I´ll be honest one of the things extremely annoying about brazilians is they want everything you have and you have. I hate it. They think every american is rich. Anyway, that´s cool about conference and that´s way crazy that Mikey´s wedding is next week. Time is going way too fast. Oh so our mission is doing something really cool. All our baptisms are going to be scheduled on October 15 and every companionship will try to have at least one baptism, so that on the 15th there will be a huge baptism everywhere in the mission. Oh so you don´t have to send me anything now I don´t need that stuff now and it´d be better to wait until I´m transfered anyway because it´ll be hard to carry more things to my next area. Anyway I have to go. Have a great week and a great time at conference. Oh so It´s hard to write everyone every week so don´t be offended if you don´t get an email. Love you guys!
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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