Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

Oí Familia,
My week was ok. We´re working hard, but sometimes I think we can work harder. Yesterday we taught a training for the adults of the branch. It went well I think. It was on Faith and we taught to help the members have a little more faith in the work. Hopefully it helped them. We´ll see in the coming week. So this is probably my last week in Santiago. It´s crazy how fast time flies. I keep telling people that but it´s true. If you don´t use your time wisely and enjoy the moment it´ll slip right on by. So the work continues and I´m doing better all in all with everything: language and teaching. That´s funny about Jaren. I felt about the same, but once he´s out here he´ll learn it. Trial by fire. Learn or die.haha Thanks for the addresses by the way. Oh did Steve leave? I didn´t here about that. You Had the corn feed this week? You know it was last year at the corn feed that I got the job with Bro. Novakovich. So school starts again! Joy! Rapture! How´s everyone dealing with it? Working hard I hope? Anyway, that´s about it with me. Have a great week and stay happy! Love you all! Tchau!
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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