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October 3, 2011

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Oí Família,
Well this week I have a lot to say, so again don´t be offended if I don´t e-mail back. This week was interesting. The begginning of the week was great. We taught an awesome family and they agreed to be baptized. The lesson was awesome. You could feel the spirit so strongly, especially when we bore testimony of the first Vision. Anyway so that was cool. We also invited 4 other people to be baptized and they all excepted too. So this week was awesome in the begginning. We were all happy and excited for conference too, but then A huge storm hit Friday night and Saturday morning. I honestly am not sure if it wasn´t a hurricane that hit, because it tore roofs off houses, ripped trees and telephone poles out of the grounded and even caved in the house of a member. Don´t worry. I´m fine. The Lord really protected us, because it´s a miracle our extremely old, little wooden house didn´t getripped apart or the giant palm tree that always creeks and looks like its going to fall outside our house didn´t fall and destroy our house. Anyway so basically we were sleeping peacefully and out of no where we awoke to thunder that sounded like cannons and the sound of something like rocks hitting our roof. It was crazy! It sounded like a battle field! So we look out side and its completely dark because the power is out. all you see is flashes of lightning. The lightning was amzing! There wasn´t a second inbetween one flash and then the other. That night I didn´t think much of it, because we´ve had bad storms before, so I just closed all the windows and went back to sleep. My companion woke me up later that night and I guess he told me the branch president called to see if we were all right, but I don´t remember because I was half asleep. So anyway we woke up like normal and studied and everything, but we found out that the electricity and water were out. So we went outside and it honestly looked like the end of the world. There were people in the streets others fixing houses and everything looked destroyed. Our neighbor showed us a hail ball the size of a soft ball outside his house. Anyway so Santiago, or really just our area got ravaged by something and because of that we miseed all the sessions of conference the first day, so I hope it was good. But now we have a chance to help a lot of people and at the same time teach a message that will help them have hope in this time of craziness. Because really is was crazy. A freak storm That for some reason only attacked our area not the central of the city. So anyway that was my week. Pretty exciting and like Alma I´m kind of happy because now we have a chance to really help more people, because before there really were a lot of hard hearted people. I don´t get me wrong, I´m not happy that people are sad. I´m happy because now they might be a little more open to our message. Something kind of funny too is that the church here is right beside a lutheran church and after the storm passed over, the lutheran church got ravaged, but our church didn´t get a scratch. All I could think was ´´How Firm a Foundation``:) Another funnt, or strange thing was the day before I shared a message with a family about Helaman 5:12. Which is actually a great scripture to use because almost all the members´ houses ended up ok. There was only the one of the member inactive that had the problem. His whole side of the house caved in. Luckily he and his family are fine. So this next week will be a great week for service. So anyway how´s everyone doing? How was conference? Oh Mother, please forward this email to Jared, Krystine and Krystal, because I don´t have time to email everyone this week. This email is for everyone ok? Oh so I do need two more things. lots of Chapstick and if you could more polyester ties, because one of my ties started to melt this week.( Its getting really hot.) You don´t have to send anything now. Just for when you send the next package for Christmas or whenever. Oh and could you send recipies for :Pancakes, heaven bread, brownies, Chocolate chip cookies, the blanket for pigs in a blanket, clover rolls, cinamon rolls, and father´s chili. I really need to learn how to make food, because its always my companion and I feel bad for not helping. I know that´s a long list, but it is for two years. Anyway I don´t know if Joshua is offened because I didn´t write back, but I´m sorry. It really is hard to email everyone everyweek. I think the other Elder might be offended too. Sorry guys it takes a long time for me to type in english and even more in portuguese when I email the mission president. So the Marriage is this week? Good luck Mikey. And sorry I won´t be there to wear a kilt. That´s sad about your game Derek, but don´t get discouraged just try to do better every game. I didn´t know you were playing baseball Braedan. That´s cool and good luck in Basketball. So you´re not done with radiation and stuff, Kelleene? Sorry I was confused. Hopefully You´ll be done with this soon. Try to stay happy though, that´s the key to everything hard in life. Just stay happy and remember the Savior has already felt everything you´re feeling. That´s always a comforting thought for me. There were a lot of great taliks about that in the last conference and Elder Cook spoke a lot about that yesterday. Oh Dallin thanks for the comics, I don´t know if I already thanked or not, but they are really cool. Nathan, sorry I won´t email you again, but yes I think the ears on the catwomen costume look stupid too. Anyway here´s my long email for everyone. Don´t worry about me here I´m fine but honestly really excited to help here. I really think this storm will help the branch here grow closer together and also wake up a lot of the people here. So anyway have a great week everyone and I hope the everything goes great with the marriage. Oh Krystine I forgot, I agree the conference or what I saw of it was really good. Hopefully ext session in 6 months I´ll be able to watch all the sessions.:) Love you guys! Tchau
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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