Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

Oí Family,
Well sounds like you all had a crazy week. It´s always fun being sick during road trips.haha From the pictures it looks like the wedding went well and Mikey and Rebecca look really happy, so that´s good. Don´t worry I didn´t get to hear a lot of Conference too because of power outages. So I felt like I missed it too. So this week was good, and went by incredibly fast. I made Pancakes about four times this week. ( I found maple flavoring in our cupboards and a recipe I recieved from the MTC)I think my companion is addicted to maple syrup. They were good and made me think of Saturday mornings at home. Don´t worry I only got a little trunky, but then I got over it. So This week we have two baptisms. One is a 18 year old boy named William. He was a reference of a member and we´re going to try and get his member friend to baptize him. The other is a 12 year old boy named Luíz Filipe who is a cousin of a member. We´ve been trying to get him to baptism for a very long time. So this week we were only able to do a little bit of service because a lot of people are waiting on materials to fix their houses. But once they get them we´ll probably be spending most of our days fixing houses. Its funny. One of our investigators is afraid to leave his house. No matter what we say or do he will not leave his house. Its becoming extremely frustrating, but he´s a cool guy so week can wait till he´s ready. We just need to wait and have faith that the Lord will put into our minds the things we need to say and to help him overcome this fear. So anyway all is well here. It´s almost another transfer and this next one Jaren enters the field! It´s going to be crazy when I see him. Oh so today we ate at the Couple missionaries´house and my companion made Churrasco and the Sister made a ton of food. It was amazing, but I´m afraid of returning home fat.haha I ate a ton! Anyawy thanks for the pictures and have a great week. Love you guys!
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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