Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

Oí Família,
Happy Halloween! Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Great job on the football game Derek! Thanks for the pictures. I think next year I´ll carve a pumpkin here. I don´t have a lot of time today. Was Joshua able to watch all the Halloween movies? Oh Happy Birthday Kelleene and Father in advance! So this week was good. I arrived here and had a baptism already.:) She´d been going to church 1 year and 8 months already though. Her mom just didn´t want her to get baptized until now. My companion is pretty cool, a little over enthusiastic but cool. We have another baptism planned for the 12 too. The area here is really small though so it´ll be hard to find new investigators. Jaren hasn´t recieved his visa yet? That means he might be comingg to my district, because my district leader is waiting for his companion to get his visa. That would be cool if it was Jaren. I´m feeling a little sick today. I hope it´s nothing. It´d be terrible if it impedes my work. So Uruguaiana is really big, or at least bigger than Santiago. In the center of the city there´s a big cathedral. It´s awesome. I´ll have to take a picture. I´m working in a Ward now, but unfortunately it´s like Vila Rica in that it has a ton of in active members. More work I guess. Anyway I hope you all have a great wek and Halloween! Love you guys! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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