Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

I´ll be honest my week was pretty crappy. Not work wise, just the fact that I caught a flu or something. I´m doing better now but with the sickness and this flippin´ heat I was having a hard time. It´s funny Jared said something like I don´t know what heat is, but it´s a little known fact that down here we actually get a lot of heat, This week was 40 degrees celcius and I heard in Dezember and January it will get up to 48 degrees celsius. I honestly don´t know what that is converted into Fernheit, all I know is its hot. That´s the thing here. In the winter it gets really cold, or at least cold for Brasil and in the Summer it gets extremely hot. The Brasilians from the north or the so called ´´Hot States`´ complain about the heat here. I don´t know if it´s hotter where jared is at or no, all I know is that it is really, really, really hot here. So anyway I felt destroyed this week and my patience wore thin and yesterday I yelled at my
companion. I felt like a jerk afterwards and to make it worse after I returned because after our fight I got up and left, he was crying. Not just crying bawling, for almost 10 minutes. Honestly I felt terrible. I apoligized and I think we´re ok now. All I know is that I´ll never yell at anyone like that again. So anyway after that experience I hope my companion can trust me again. It´s so hard to stay calm sometimes especially when it feels like everything is against you, but as a rerpresentative of Jesus Christ I need to have more patience and love for everyone. So anyway this week on a personal level was pretty bad, but the work is going forth really well. We´ll have a batism this week and we´re planning on having two more in the following week. Sounds like everyone is having fun at home. I hope the trunk or treat was good. I ate a candy bar to celebrate. I was actually thinking about the scouting for fod the other day. I remember how much I hated running around, but now I think I´d enjoy it. Maybe when I come back I´ll help out with it. Happy Birthday again Father! 49 years? That´s sad I´ll miss your 50th B-day next year. So the play was good just a little off color? So Brasil does have Daylight savings time. We already changed, but it was the opposite. We lost an hour. It wasn´t fun. That´s cool that the temple got remodeled. That´ll be cool to see. Anyway that´s all from me this week. Hope you have a great week. Work hard and stay happy!
Love you guys!
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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