Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14,2011

Oí Família,
So this week was a lot better. I think me and my companion are becoming a lot closer. He really is a great guy but like all of us he has some quirks. I felt really bad about what happened, but don´t worry I´m not too beat up about it. And it really is true. Fortunately I can because of the Savior I can become better and leave all my mistakes behind. The great thing too is when I tried to make things better I felt a ton better. Just goes to show that true repentance really does releave the guilt. Anyway so this week was a ton better. We worked a lot more in union and we had another baptism!! Her name is Lizangela and honestly she has the storngest testimony I´ve seen in a recent convert. Her story is also pretty funny. When Elder F. Silva and his companion first began teaching her one thing sha said was she was the kind of person that needs to see to believe. One day she said she needed to get an answer about the book of mormon and so she said shéd open the book of mormon to a random spot and that verse would be her answer. Guess which scripture she found. Alma 32 the verse that explains what faith is. That its a hope for things not seen that are true. I forgot the exact verse, but I´m sure you know it. So anyway that was funny and ever since then she´s had a strong desire to get baptized and follow the Lord. She really is one of those people that had their heart preprared by angels. One of the elect. So anyway her baptism was an awesome experience its just her husband that has to follow her example now. So also to add to my list of strange foods I ate chicken hearts too. Hmm...delicious...haha That´s great that Shantewa finally got her Patriarical blessing. Almost took her 2 years to get it.haha Don´t worry about the play Mother, it always is late but also is always great.:) I just hope you all continue until I come home. Oh so I was wondering if Father could send the names of the line of authority of the Priesthood. It´s always good show that line when we teach about the Restoration and the Priesthood. Oh and also I want a present from ALL my brothers and sisters and parents for Christmas. Don´t worry the gift I want is really simple and easy to send. All I want is your testimonies. They don´t have to be really long just tell me what you know about the gospel and principles pertaining to it and how you found it to be true. It something I really want and its not hard to do so if all could please do it that would be nice. Mother if you could talk to Krystal and Mikey for me that would be awesome. Anyway that´s what I want for Christmas this year so it would be awesome if you could do this for me. Well that´s about all I have to say this week. Have a great week guys! I love you!
Elder Jostead the Younger

P.S. ´´I´m dreaming of a White Christmas. Just like the one´s I used to know...``

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