Saturday, January 19, 2013

December 29, 2012

Oí Família! How´s everyone doing? The play looked like it was good...a little strange (Jared looks like he came straight out of a Tim-Burton-with-Johnny-Depp-as-the-lead-role movie! hahaha) but good all the same! What is Nathan though? Is he a tootsie roll? You guys really went out this year with the costumes and props. That is crazy that Elder Bise/ Robbie is going home! My first companion as assistant is also going home now. He had six months when I worked with him. So is Kelleene really doing better? She looks really skinny in that picture with everyone together. So anyway my week was alright. We had a leadership training this week for the Zone Leaders. The day before we also had a family night at the President´s house. That´s always cool to go to President´s house. Especially when pizza is involved. Oh and I don´t think I told you already or not about the pizza here. Do you remember when we looked up stuff about my mission before I came? Remember how it said that they have the best pizza in the world or something? Whoever said that lied. haha The pizza is alright but its nothing special. I think it was a gaúcho who said that on the internet. They usually brag about everything they have. haha So anyway, the work is going a ton better. This next week we´re going to baptize a woman and one kid. The kid, Rafael, is a member´s brother and the woman, Fabula, is a friend of that one couple that we baptized in September. Oh and I also will be able to go to Uruguaiana on Friday to baptize the father of a family that we baptized there a year ago. He wasn´t ready then but now he is and he asked if I could go there and baptize him. It will be an awesome experience to see that family again and be able to complete the family in the church. In a year they´ll be able to get sealed in the temple! Its those kinds of things that really make me feel that I really made a difference in these 2 years. Well anyway that´s about it. I found out now that we´re going to eat at the President´s house for lunch today. That´s always nice. Sister Ribeiro cooks really well. :) Anyway I got to go. Have a great week. Love you guys. Elder Jolstead the Younger

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