Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

Oi Famìlia!

Last week! Opa! I can´t wait to get out of here. I liked here but I´m ready to leave. I can´t believe Jackson is about ready to go. That´s so cool. He´s been waiting a while. So I guess it does take forever to get to you, because I wrote those letters about two weeks ago. This week I went out proselyting on Avenida Paulista which is pretty much like Times Square. I write about my excursions in my letter though, because there´s a lot to say. So right now I´m kind of nursing my tongue, because while eating a brazilian mush I bit my tongue. I was pretty sure I almost bit it off, but its fine. I barely knipped it. So this is like the last week of school for me too. Tuesday is the day and I am ready to go. well i´ll write more in my letter. i hope you´re all doing fine. Eu você ama! Tchau Elder Jolstead the younger oh have jackson write me before he goes.

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