Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

Oi família,
Um...I actually have two more weeks. its very sad. I leave the 21. I was wondering when T-cox would send them in. Has Levi sent them yet? That´s cool about the chicks. I figured you´d have to pretty soon because the other chickens are extremely old. That´s pretty funny about that play. that kid´s will never life will never be the same after playing lady gaga. He´ll here about that for the rest of his life. So Elder Jolstead´s b-day was yesterday, but I don´t have his address. So my teacher Irmão Ramon took pics at the temple today and I think he´ll send them to you tonight or tomorrow. Unfortunately this is the first e-mail I read so it has to be the shortest. If I have time I´ll write more. Love you all. Tchau. Elder Jolstead

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