Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 31, 2011

Oi! Ma,

I am very sad. You tore done the ship?! I´m gone a month you just go and change everything. I feeling nothing will be the same when I come back. I´m just kidding. I´m already over it. So that play looked like it was pretty good. And I´m glad the stringflingthing wasn´t as bad. So Shantewa was able to go to Build a Bear? Tell her Happy Birthday. I´m sorry I didn´t send a card yet, but I´ll hopefully send one soo. Oh, really important: Could father move some of my money from my checking to my savings, just in case my card gets stolen. I wouldn´t want all my money to be gone. So Lawrence is going into the army? that is so weird. It´s strange to think how things continue going while you´re away. So I´ve decided that because it costs money for every letter I send, I´ll just send all the letters to people nearby in the envelope to you. Just give the letters for the people to them por favor. So this week was cool. I went out one the street to teach and that was cool. I actually felt like a missionary. I´ll tell more about it in my letter. Three weeks left here. I ca´t wait! I´m am tired of classrooms. I love you guys lots! tchau! Elder Jolstead

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