Friday, August 3, 2012

August 3, 2012

Olã Família!
Happy Birthday Braeden! I didn´t forget I just forgot to put it in my email last week. :) 12 years old! Now you have the priesthood! That´s awesome! Just 7 more years and you´ll be out here in the mission field. So My week was great. We now have a family to baptize this month and 2 more in September. I think the best thing about a mission is when you have the opportunity to teach whole families! You get to see them change and grow together. One helping the other overcome their challenges. Its really cool. It´s also cool to see how the Lord blesses you when you do the best you can. Its like He waits until you´ve done all you can then everything just goes well by itself or miraculously things happen. Somedays it feels like we are working really hard with very little success, and then out of no where after we´ve gone as far as we can, the Lord just drops a family or someone infront of us ready to be taught and baptized. Its like the baptisms fall from the heavens. Its really awesome. So anyway that´s good news. The winter here is being stupid. Its been really hot and humid. It rained a ton this last week and then just got really hot and stuffy. That´s the worst. Oh and President Ribeiro went out to teach with us this last Monday. That was awesome. I was a little nervous though. haha I made bread today too. It looks like it turned out good. I haven´t eaten it yet though. Oh and I´m here illegally in Brasil for about 3 months now. haha I´v been waiting forever for the secretaries here to get everything ready so I can renew my visa. I´m fine though. Nothing will happen. haha That´s sad about the baby shower for Rebecca. No one came? So how´s Jared doing? He hasn´t sent me anything for the last month so I have no idea what´s going on with him. I better not get a surprise wedding invitation, because if he gets married before I get home he´ll be married for a short time because I´ll kill him when I get back. hahaha... I´m not kidding though He better not get married while I´m out here. So anyway another transfer has come and gone. And with everyone I get a sick pit in my stomach. They go by so fast. Anyway that´s about it. Have a great week. Love you guys!
Elder Jolstead

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