Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 18, 2012

Oí Family!
So this week was awesome! I traveled with Pres. Ribeiro to do Zone Conference. I gave a training on helping the investigator receive revelation through prayer. It was pretty good. Pres. Ribeiro taught about how we as missionaries can recieve a testimony of Jesus Christ like an apostle because as missionaries we are an extension of the qurom of the 12 apostles. It was very good. The week seemed to go by slowly though and it was pretty tireing to travel all week. I did have a oppurtunity to get to know Pres. and Sis. Ribeiro more though. They´re very funny. Pres. Ribeiro is usually very serious and direct and sis Ribeiro is the opposite. Its funny because she´s always spending money to buy food for the missionaries and she always takes a long time to do things so president always gets frustrated because he likes to get things done right and in the smallest amount of time possible so that he can go on to work on something else. Its pretty funny. President Ribeiro also explained how mission presidents get called and ordained which I´ve been wondering about for awhile. It sounds like a pretty awesome experience and a testimony builder about the fact that mission presidents are called of God. Another cool thing is that they get trained by the whole quorum of apostles and the first presidency, personally, in the MTC for one week. I can´t even imagine what that would be like. That has definitly got to be an awesome experience. We talked about other things too. All and all it was an awesome experience to travel with them. So that´s about all I did this week. Just a lot of traveling. We´re still preparing that family to be baptized on the 26th. I didn´t get to teach them this week though. The mom has gone 2 weeks without smoking now! I´m so happy! She is really progressing. That is cool about the baby! Another neice that I won´t see. haha That´s funny that there is whooping cough there, here there have been problems with the flu. I´m good, but its been really dry here so my nose has been bothering me. I´ve been sneezing a lot. haha
Its also been really hot here. I feel that this year I won´t have a winter :( Oh well we have to work regardless of the weather. Oh so I talked to a missionary here from Brasília. I wanted to know where he´s from to see if mybe Jared passed through there. He said he´s from the Nova Cruzeira part of Brasília or something like that. May be Jared knows where that´s at. Anyway That´s about it. Have a great week. love you guys
Elder Jolstead

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