Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10,2012

Oí Família,
So I´m sure by now that the baby has been born. So that´s cool. That missionary shower is a good idea. They do that here too and usually its very helpful for the missionary. Its still hot here too. I feel that I´ll be jipped this winter. :) Oh well I´ll just have to deal with it. The Preach My Gospel study is a great idea. It will help a lot with the younger boys who will be going on missions later on too. The key to being a great missionary is doing everything that that manual says word for word. Its amazing how when we follow the words that are written in that manual, words inspired from God, that it just seems that everything goes right. The Lord always keeps his promises. So this week is the first week of transfers so it was pretty hectic. Monday I organized the transfers. I set up the email to show where all the missionaries would be transfered to. Then tuesday we took the ´´dieing`` missionaries to Porto Alegre and picked up the new missionaries there. Then on wednesday we gave a training for all the new missionaries. Then yesterday we gave trainings for all the leaders of the mission. Today is P-day thankfully, but next week I´m going to all the zones with the President to give trainings to all the missionaries in their individual zones. I just know I´ll be very tired by the end of all of this. haha The week after will go back to normal though. But as you can see its pretty crazy to be the assistant. We almost don´t have time to do the actual work the first two weeks of the transfer. haha But even with all this time taken away the Lord helps us and our investigators. Its crazy that with this small of time we are able to still find and teach our investigators and how well they progress too. Anyway that´s what is going on with me. Have a great week everybody! Love you guys
Elder Jolstead

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