Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Oí familiia! Don´t Mother I knew you didn´t forget me. haha Shantewa told me that Kaylee was going to São Paulo. Maybe she meant the MTC. She´s going to the ´´Zion of Brasil.`` Fortaleza is where the work is booming. There are missionaries baptize more than 200 during there whole mission there. Not that numbers matter, but just to give you an idea of how the work is growing there. I remembered Mikey´s Birthday but I forgot to say Happy Birthday in my email. But while I´m on the topic of birthdays...Happy Birthday Mother!!! ´´One year older and wiser too...`` haha I hope you have a great b-day! Well my week was alright. We´re teaching a family that studied with the Jehovah´s Witness. They´re a good family and they´ll be baptized here soon I hope. I hope they´re married, because if they´re not, I won´t be here for the baptism. :( But they went to church for the first time yesterday and it looked like the liked it. I didn´t have time to ask them about it after, but they both were crying at many points during the various meetings. Thank goodness no one said anything stupid. That´s one of the biggest fears of a missionary. A lot of times the members are the stumbling block for investigators, but they also are the key to helping investigators. They´re like nuclear energy. They could be used for a lot of good but they also can cause great destruction. haha It´s good that they talked about missionary work at church, because its something that I feel that gets neglected a lot, but that is one of the most important topics in the church. Well that´s about it. Have a great week and a great Birthday! Love you Elder Jolstead the Older

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