Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 18, 2013

Hey my Family! Jaren put his papers in again?! That´s awesome! I´m super happy for him. Do you know where he will go? or do you have to wait again to find out? That´s to bad that he can´t come back here, because I found out that I´m going to be transfered and that I´m going to train my last 2 transfers. If he back here I could been able to train him. That would have been cool. Do you know when he said he´d be eligible to leave? Do you think he´ll still be home when I get home? I guess you can´t really know that right now. So anway I´m going to be transfered this week! And I´ll be a trainer! I loved training so that´ll be awesome to do that again. I´m pretty sure that I´ll be called to a city called Santo Ângelo, because President told me that it was there that he was thinking of sending me. I´m going to have to open an area and train and be District leader all at the same time, but I´m way excited. This will an awesome experience for me to grow. Its sad to leave here because I´ve been here so long, but I think its good to move on. So anyway we also have a baptism for tomorrow. So anyway how´s everyone doing? That´s good that Kelleene is doing better, though, but also bad about Derek. It hurts to land on your tailbone. I did that once when I flew off a sled going down a hill near Robbie´s house. Speaking of Robbie, I heard he came back already. That´s pretty crazy. That went by fast. Well that´s just how time goes. Too fast for you to keep up with some times. I guess that´s why its a good feeling to think that eternity is forever. Things may not last too long here, but things have no end after this life. That´s always a comforting thought. So anyway that´s about it. Give a high five or a ´´good job`` or something for Jaren, because I´m really excited for him. Oh and you could say ´´hi`` to Robbie for me too. hahaha Love you guys Elder Jolstead the Older

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