Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jan. 11, 2013

Hey Family! So I´m here in Santo Ângelo! The city is a ton smaller than Santa Maria but the people are less busy too so its easier to talk to them. My companion´s name is Elder Penha. He´s from Recife in Panambuco. He´s a cool guy. He´s very eager to work so that´s good. Right now I´m getting to know the area because we´re opening it. I don´t know anyone, but things are going good. The members here are really excited for missionary work. I think this is the strongest branch I´ve worked in. They have usually have about 130 or 140 members that come to church. (that´s very strong here in the south of brasil). So yeah I heard about the fire in Santa Maria. I worked really close to that area. I hope no one that I knew was in there. How did you all here about it? Was it on the news? Oh and yes I got my package. i forgot to say thank you. That hot sauce was really good. ( I already used all of them haha) I liked the guy who did the splits too. haha That´s terrible about Cody. When do you think he´ll be able to go now? You can tell Robbie that I´m excited to see him too, but don´t worry Mother, I don´t have time to get trunky. There´s too much to do. Anyway Have a great week. I love you guys! Elder Jolstead the Older

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