Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30, 2012

Querida Família, How´s everyone doing? How´s the new diet going? Have you been able to go without sugar? ( I say as a eat a cookie. hehehe) That picture I drew was of my old companion and his fiance. I drew it for his birthday. I can´t believe its Christmas already too. I came in the office today and it was all decorated. I think it was Sister Ribeiro how decorated. So my week has been very enlightening. I´ve been very frustrated these last couple of weeks, because it seems like out of no where the work in my area just stopped, and I can´t figure out why. But, at the same time its been good. I´ve realized how blessed I´ve been these last couple months. The Lord has been helping us so much. We have had a lot of success. I was getting a accustomed to the ease of it all and the Lord doesn´t let us stay comfortable for too long. He can´t, because that is the exact opposite of the purpose of His plan for us. We need to keep progressing and so the Lord, I think, felt like I needed to grow a little more. And let me tell you He really did a good job. These last weeks I´ve really seen how much I have to do better and where I really need to change. Its exactly how that scripture in Ether says: He will show us our weaknesses so that we can change them and with His help we and make them strengths. I´ve really had to stop this week and really think about what I´m doing here. We´re literally helping the Heavenly Father´s children came back to Him. Why should that be an easy process? It wasn't easy for our Savior. Why would it be any easier for us? So in a way my week was very good. I still have a lot to learn. But I really am grateful for the opportunity to serve; during the goods times and the hard times. There is nothing better to be here on the mission, serving the Lord. Well anyway that´s about it. Have a great week everyone! Love you guys. Elder Jolstead the Older

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