Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

My Family!
How is everything? That´s great to hear that Robbie sent me a letter. Now if only Jackson would too. It´s hard when you´re not allowed to send emails to your friends. :( It´s already March! Or at least the middle of March! And it´s still 100 degrees. I´m sick of this freakin´weather. That´s cool the missionaries are having success in our ward. So mother I know that you might not like this, but... I´ve decided to ask my mission president for an extra transfer at the end of my mission. I know its along time until then, but I´ve already decided. haha Krystal and Garret are going to live in North Dakota? Were they still living in California before? Well I´ll try to tell about my week. This week we had Zone Conference and as usual, it was awesome. President used the life of John the Beloved to teach how we can be better missionaries. Oh and Carnival happened this week. I don´t know if you´ve heard about it. I didn´t see it, thank goodness. I did get to see the floats when everything ended though. They are really cool. There was one that was a giant jaguar that moved. It´s too bad they have to ruin things like that with all that other wicked stuff that happens. Anyway so my companion is sick. He left for Santa Maria yesterday. I don´t know what´s wrong with him though. From what he says, I think he has a hernia. Oh so this week we´ll have a baptism. Iara, who we´ve been teaching a while, will finally get baptized. She recieved an answer really strong this last week when we were teaching her. It´s funny to compare the answers people receive. Here, for some reason a lot of people dream. All my time in Uruguaiana, I´ve felt like Joseph in Egypt, with all the dreams I´ve had to interpret. haha Its funny to see the difference in testimny as well. Generally those who felt the spirit testify are a lot stronger and have a lot more to hold on to then those who just have a dream. So Iknow officially that I will leave here next transfer, because Pres. sent an email to another missionary telling him that I would leave. Really sad, but it just means I have to take advantage of these last weeks here. Anyway, have a great week. I love you guys.
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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