Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Oí Família,
So my first week here was full of trips. One trip to Santa Maria then to Livramento. Then the next day back to Santa Maria for a meeting, and then back to Livramento. I have a feeling that being a Zone leader will be a little tiresome. :) But I´m liking my new area. It´s not very big but its cool. I live right in front of Uruguay and today we´re going to go there for P-day. That should be cool. So right now we´re teaching a family of a teenager that my companion baptized before I came here. The family is awesome! Yesterday the dad bore his testimaony that he knew that God sent the missionaries to their house and that he could see the change that the Gospel had on their son. So that was cool. They´ll be baptized this Saturday. I have to say that its weird that Bishop Jamison isn´t Bishop anymore, but Bro. Payne is a really awesome guy. I remember when he was my Young Men´s leader. He´ll be a great Bishop. So anyway I´m glad everything is going well with you all. Have a great week. I love you
Elder Jolstead

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