Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

Oí Família!
Wow sounds like a great week.haha Really crazy, quero dizer. Just to let youi guys know I laughed a lot reading this email. Oh so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER!!! 48, right? Eat a piece of cake for me! So my week was pretty good. The baptism will finally happen this week which I´m reall excited about. Oh thanks for mailing the blogs, mother. It´ll be nice to know how they´re doing. That´s cool that a lot of family was at home this week. Hopefully one day they´ll all be reunited when I´m there to see them :) So how´s Grandma doing? How are the paper´s coming along for the mission? Oh and I don´t think They´ll think you´re crazy for just chasing the chickens mother. I´m pretty sure the neighborhood knows how crazy we are from other past experiences.haha Anyway Have a great week and sorry I haven´t written a letter for awhile. It´s been hard to find the time. Don´t worry I´ll start up again today. Love you all.
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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