Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011

Oí Famíla,
Thanks for the video.It was really short though. Was it supposed to go until the end of the song? because it didn´t. :) So this week was hard. I got eaten alive by some kind of insect in Santa Maria and My foot swole up so much that I couldn´t walk. So I had to stay in our house until now. Almost 4 days.:( So I got my trainee! His name is Elder Sá. He´s really cool and has a ton of patience( you can imagine 4 days in the house without leaving:) ) Anyway, my foot is a ton better now. I was able to walk to the bus stop and to this computer place. At first my foot looked like leprosy, because it had dark red spots that kind of looked like the spots of a leopard. So anyway the bad part about al this is the baptismal date needs to be moced back of one of our investigators, because we couldn´t teach him this week and that we lost a lot of time to work and we´ll have to do a lot of catching up. The good párt is I got to know my companion pretty well and I´m half way through the Book of Mormon in Portuguese.:) Anyway thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope everything goes well with the play. Be sure to send pictures afterwards. Oh so we can´t skype here in my mission so it´ll be by phone. You guys will have to call. I´ll get the phone number this week and send it to you next week. Love you guys lots and have a great week. Happy Birthday to ME! :)
Elder Jolstead the Younger

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