Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 18, 2012

Oí, How´s everyone doing? Have you guys decorated the house for Halloween yet? I think we´ll cut a Jack-ó-Lanturn this year. Last year I just ate a piece of candy haha So yeah Joshua sent me an email. Sounds like he´s having a great time. The MTC is awesome. He´ll love it there. Did he say anything about having a companion? It was pretty weird at the beginning having some one follow you around. haha That train ride sounds like it should be cool. So anyway, my week was pretty normal. We´ve been having a lot of success these days that I´ve almost forgotten how it feels when no one is progressing and you need to find new investigators,.... these last couple of days I´ve been starting to remember how that is. So yeah that´s what I´ve been doing these last couple of days: Searching for new investigators. Its good though, because if we always had success and never failure we´d never learn and never have to trust in the Lord for help. So its good that he´s testing us a little. Oh and we´re doing an activity in the ward: Night of the Theater. Every organization will present a short play or skit and we missionaries are doing a play of the First Vision. Its been pretty fun. It reminded me a lot of our Christmas plays. (especially when Elder Hormazbal, our director is trying to talk and everyone is just goofing around. haha) The practices we have here are almost exactly the same. One Elder will out of no where make a joke or do something funny and this the others will tell him to knock it off and then the next minute another missionary does another stupid joke or something. haha Its just like home in the Christmas plays. hahaha The activity is tomorrow night. It should be good and I hope that the members bring non-members, because if they don´t it will be a big waste of time. Anyway that´s all I did this week. I do have another thing to add for the whole family. Something that I don´t think to many members realize. When some one new comes to church its a big thing for them and they´re in a world completely different than they´re used to, that´s why we as members need to reach out to them and make friends with them. One of the most frustrating things as a missonary is working with members. Sometimes it seems that the members here drive away converts faster than we can baptize them. Its like we open the door to the church and they just leave through the back door. Sorry but it something that´s been frustrating me for along time. Members need to be a lot more aware of new converts and also willing to help them and be friends with them, if not the church will never grow the way the Lord wants it too. The members need to be involved in missionary work. Anyway, have a great week! love you guys! Elder Jolstead the Older

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