Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 15, 2012

Oí família! So sounds like things are going good with the exception of Shantewa. I knew that it was only a matter of time...hehe I´m kidding of course. I know how it feels to hit someone´s car. At least she slid. I practically used father´s car as a battering ram haha. As you can tell I don´t feel to beat up about that now. But I still don´t trust myself to drive. Sister Ribeiro tried to get me to drive 2 times already. I have to say it was tempting. The Hi lux of the President is a pretty nice car. haha But I really don´t think that that would be such a good idea. So things have been going better this week. After all the traveling got done we actually got to work a little and we´ve had a lot more success. The Lord really compensates for the time we lose doing assistant stuff. This Elder that I have been working with these last 3 days that my companion has been traveling with President had a pretty good idea to find new investigators. There´s this military station near our apartment and out of no where he wanted to go in and talk with one of the leaders there about teaching the soldiers that live there. So we went in and talked to this sergeant guy and he said he´d have to talk to his superiors first but then we could call to find out if we could. He was pretty cool about it so I think we might be able to pull it off. It would be really good because there are a ton of missionary-age men there. Here in the south they have to serve one year in the military at 18 years old so there´s hundred´s of future missionaries in there. So that was cool. Oh and I found out that you can record General Conference for personal use. It says so in the Church Handbook. I read it today. :) That probably would have been better to know before we taped over all the conference tapes that we have. So its been pretty hot here. I was hoping that maybe it would be like last year where it was actually pretty cold here. Oh and today I got a letter from Brother Claypool. I don´t know who that is so I´m guessing that they´re new members in our ward. Thank them for their letter for me. So I don´t know if they´ll let me stay another transfer yet. President hasn´t said anything. He just said that he would ask Salt Lake. Hopefully they´ll let me, because some how word got out that you could stay longer and its becoming a fad to ask president to stay longer. :( I hope this doesn´t ruin my chances. So yeah that´s about it. So what time will I be able to talk to you guys on either skype or on the phone for Christmas? It´s a good thing that its not on Sunday this year, that way we don´t have to plan around church. Think I ´ll try to use the computer here in the mission office, but I don´t know yet. Anyway that´s about it. Have a great week everyone! Love you guys Elder Jolstead the Younger

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